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1."Louisiana Melody" (David Ball, Allen Shamblin) – 2:52

2."Happy With the One I've Got" (Wood Newton, Rand Bishop) – 3:21

3."Nobody Told Me" (Gary Cotton, John Wiggins) – 2:55

4."Tell Me With Your Heart" (Ball, Chris Carmichael) – 4:03

5."I Can See Arkansas" (Newton, James Nihan) – 3:27

6."Too Much Blood in My Alcohol Level" (Newton, Mark Alan Barnett) – 2:50

7."Desert Luau" (Danny Baker) – 3:00

8."Mr. Teardrop" (Ball) – 3:46

9."Yours Truly Blue" (Ball, Carmichael) – 3:23

10."A Girl I Use to Know" (Ball) – 3:21

11."Violence and Lies" (Newton) – 3:30

12."Freewheeler" (Jesse Winchester) – 4:01

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