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Reply Numbersembot
6:21 PM on November 14, 2018 
Reply Nanci Purnell
12:48 AM on November 4, 2018 
Just got home from your concert in St Augustine, Florida and purchased two of your albums and listened to them in my way back to Daytona. It?s been years since you have played anywhere close to me so was so happy when I found out you were In Fl while I was on vacation here. Fabulous show, Scott is definitely an asset with the bantering....great you...
Reply Joe Atkinson
8:06 AM on October 22, 2018 
David, We go back to Austin, early 70's. I last saw you in Marble Falls a few years ago. I gave you my CD. I am still kicking in San Angelo, Tx, though not quite as high as I used to!!!! God Bless. JA
Reply michael hill
5:09 PM on October 19, 2018 
Hey does anybody know if it is Tanya Tucker in his video of "Look what followed me home"? It sure does look like her!
Reply Ken Plain
2:20 PM on October 10, 2018 
David, Your newest album release only shows up on Apple Music for streaming. There are no Youtube videos especially of that great song "Pretty Baby" I have a Facebook group and also will eventually add a website dedicated to providing playlists of current real country music, and you album sure qualifies. The problem is it's not on any format such as Youtube or Spotify that I can share with my audience and in the other groups I post in. I am certain it would result in some more streams at least and a few purchases as well. Do you have a link to anyplace it is streamed other than Apple Music that I can post a liink and share that song "Pretty Baby" or even better the whole album.
Reply Steve West
8:43 AM on September 29, 2018 
David, it was a pleasure meeting you last night. I'm the guy "Our Place". Really enjoyed the show very much. Keep country going. Today's "country" is NOT country. Again, thanks.
Reply Michelle Holt
10:55 PM on September 28, 2018 
Thank you for the fantastic show in McMinnville, Tn tonight! What a great time. From a Vietnam Vet's daughter, thank you so much for 'Private Malone'! That song made me cry, but it's perfectly fine. It's a very very touching song! Thank you again. Hope you come back soon!
Reply michael hill
1:06 AM on September 16, 2018 
Robert Meyer says...
The first time I heard his voice, that was it, I've listened to Thinkin Problem / Starlite Lounge Albums so many times, I can't count them all, lost track, a long time ago... The Words, Music, and the Voice, is definitely, A God given talent, I am just now starting too listen to the other Albums he has recorded... I know, where has this guy been / Me, someday I would like too see him live in person...

I live in Granite City, IL a few miles from St. Louis, MO Hope someday I will see you here, Robert Meyer... 11/04/1952
Reply tony coleman
12:56 AM on September 16, 2018 
Dear Mr. Ball, My friend Michael and I were looking over some old papers of ours yesterday and we came across this letter that we wrote to you, but for some reason we never did send it. We wrote it on August 7th, 1994, and the words here within hold true today. We still listen to you all the time, and we both feel that you are one of the best country music singers that has ever stood at the microphone and poured their hearts out. We hope you like it and we want it to at least make you smile . It reads: "Dear Mr. Ball, we felt compelled to write to you in regards to your album 'Thinkin' Problem'. Exceptional, Outstanding, Unbelievable, are but just a few words to express the magic this record holds. We can not recall the last time a new country artist had released an album containing ten well-written, giftedly sung tunes. We thought you could not top 'Thinkin' Problem' when we first saw it on CMT. But you have done just that with the singles 'When the thought of you catches up with me' and 'A walk on the wild side of life'. Or is that 'Look what followed me home'? Perhaps, but 'Honky Tonk Healin' is hard to beat. As you can tell we are amazed at the material that you have assembled on this A+, four-star, mega-talented piece of art. If your next album is half as good as 'Thinkin' Problem', then you will have created another thing of beauty" Signed Michael Dwayne Hill and Gilbert Anthony Coleman. Michael and I are still together these 24 years later and "When the thought of you catches up with me" still is, and forever will be, OUR song. We thank you David for your gift to country music, and we hope that you are doing fine.
Reply David Parry
12:59 PM on September 11, 2018 
Hey David, I have loved your music ever since I heard the Thinkin Problem album back in '94. Been hoping that you'd make your way to the North East US someday. Would love to see you in concert as you are one of the great traditionalist Country singers still going strong. However, I am very pleased that you have a new album out and I am looking forward to sitting back and enjoy hearing your new music.
All th every best and continues success.
David Parry