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The Greatest Christmas


1. The Greatest Christmas (David Ball, Cedar Popping Songs BMI, Paul Overstreet, Scarlett Moon BMI, Rob Crosby, Glitterfish Music BMI)

2.When Christmas Comes (David Ball, Cedar Popping Songs BMI)

3. Everyone Knows Christmas is Coming (David Ball, Cedar Popping Songs BMI)

4. I Heard the Bells (Henry W. Longfellow, John Calkin, David Ball)

5. It's Christmas Time in the Blueridge Mountains (David Ball, Cedar Popping Songs BMI)

6. Islands Calling (David Ball, Cedar Popping Songs BMI)

7. Santa Send Some Texas (David Ball, Cedar Popping Songs BMI)

8. I'm Getting Nothing For Christmas (S. Tepper, R. Bennett Copyright © 1955 Chappell & Co, Inc. (ASCAP) Additional words & music by David Ball)

9. Riding with Private Malone-Acoustic Version (Wood Newton, Wood and I Music and LG Wells Music BMI, Thom Sheperd Twang Thang Music ASCAP)

10. I've Got a New Thinking Problem (David Ball, Allen Shamblin, Stuart Ziff, April Music ASCAP, Universal Music-MGB Songs ASCAP, Universal Careers BMI, Hayes Street Music ASCAP, Low Country Music BMI)

Thanks to Miktek, Tommy and Angela. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Toolshed Studios, Nashville TN

Band: David Ball-acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussion, vocals; Troy Cook Jr-electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals; Scott Metko-percussion; Billy Pierce-bass guitar

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